Empowering Growth through Strategic Investments and Comprehensive Support.

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Growth Focused & Strategic Alignment with $4B+ AUM.

We specialize in identifying and investing in high-growth companies across multiple key market verticals. Leveraging our extensive industry expertise and strategic connections within each vertical, we work closely with our portfolio companies to drive value and unlock new growth opportunities.


Where We Invest.

Our investment focus is centered around four key market verticals: medtech, proptech, energy, and enterprise services. By honing in on these verticals, we are able to leverage our deep industry expertise and strategic connections to identify promising investment opportunities.

How Much We Invest.

We invest in transactions of various types and sizes. Our track record includes deals ranging from all-equity and leveraged buyouts to growth equity investments, public-to-private transactions and recapitalizations. Depending on the capital deployments, we can invest anywhere from $1 million to $100 million of equity financing. We also provide a variety of debt financing options including guaranty capital, convertible debt, and mezzanine financing structures.

What We Provide.

We provide our partners with flexible investment structures, access to sector experts, and synergistic revenue growth via the Wasatch Group’s varied interests.  With an integrated approach of advisement, support resources and connectivity through strategic relationships our team is able to bring a proven system of value for our partners.

Our Companies

Our Growth Services.

We offer our companies ground-level support post investment so they can focus on what matters most- building great products and growing their companies. 


Our team of CPA’s, bookkeepers, and finance experts who can provide the support you need to run your business.


Our experienced team of marketers can help drive your business results further with their ability to create innovative marketing strategies, branding, design, advertising and more!

Human Resources

Whether you need help with onboarding, performance management, or drafting policies, our team of HR experts can supplement the areas you need help with so you can focus on the big picture.

Information Technology

We deliver complete managed IT services that can support small, medium or large businesses.


Get legal support for your business from our team of experienced attorneys. We can help review contracts, NDA’s, service agreements, and more to help protect you and your business.

Tax & Finance

Our tax and finance teams help business leaders in tax planning, managing bank and lender relationships, loan compliance and structuring new debt facilities.

Strategic Investing.

Backed by a fully integrated team of asset managers, associates and managing directors who have spent years in strategic and operational roles the WEP team brings experience that is needed for true valuable partnership. Our investment focus is in the areas that we bring expertise and synergies whether they are early stage, growth or distressed companies.

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