ProdataKey (PDK), manufacturer of the renowned cloud access control platform built for mobile, now offers integration between its Pdk io software and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. IT departments that rely on Active Directory to simplify user and rights management across their corporate network may now use that same interface to seamlessly manage permissions within Pdk io software.

System administrators can fully control the physical access of people and groups, as well as issue mobile and touch credentials. The integration is free to security integrators and easy to implement, providing PDK dealers with another way to deliver unique value to their customers.

Real-Time Control

Real-time control is imperative for maintaining the security of any technology platform

Real-time control is imperative for maintaining the security of any technology platform, and the pdk io/Active Directory integration streamlines critical access control management functions that keep buildings secure. System administrators can now shut down physical and logical user permissions with a single click, including everything from email to building access.

The integration also simplifies the on-boarding of new employees or those transitioning to new roles within the organization. As they are assigned to different groups and permission levels within the network, their physical access permissions can be ascribed automatically. This guarantees consistency and accuracy in how physical access is managed across employees, while reducing data entry and administrative work for security and IT management.

Pdk Io And Network User Databases Synchronization

The Pdk io and network user databases always remain in perfect synchronization. In addition, multi-site organizations can more easily manage physical security across all their locations, through a single software interface.

At PDK, partner fanaticism drives everything we do, and this new, free integration is an example of that commitment,” said Dallam Labrum, ProdataKey’s Director of Sales.

Dallam adds, “In addition to the convenience and flexibility of our leading mobile-first platform, PDK dealers can now offer customers the ability to import, manage and automatically sync all pdk io users directly from Active Directory, leading to enhanced security and streamlined system administration.